Portfolio of Design Clients

The number of my clients over the last 45 years is far too extensive to list, but here is a partial list of the clients I have served.

Past or Present H.S. Clients Include (California):

Aliso Niguel H.S.
Chino H.S.
Eastlake H.S.
El Toro H.S.
Glendora H.S.
Heritage H.S.
Los Alamitos H.S.
Los Altos H.S.
Los Angeles H.S.
Magnolia H.S.
Mater Dei H.S.
Mayfair H.S.
Mt. Carmel H.S.
Mira Costa H.S.
Mission Viejo H.S.

Mountain View H.S.
Moorpark H.S.
Murrieta Valley H.S.
Mt. Miguel H.S.
Newport Harbor H.S.
Norco H.S.
Northwood H.S.
Nogales H.S.
North Bakersfield H.S.
Monta Vista H.S.
Orange Lutheran H.S.
Pacifica H.S.
Palm Desert H.S.
Paloma Valley H.S.
Ramona H.S.

Rancho Buena Vista H.S.
Rancho Cucamonga H.S.
Rancho Verde H.S.
Rowland H.S.
Rubidoux H.S.
San Clemente H.S.
Savanna H.S.
Santa Monica H.S.
Santa Barbara H.S.
Santa Fe H.S.
Santana H.S.
Santa Margarita H.S.
San Clemente H.S.
San Pedro H.S.
Serrano H.S.

Sierra Vista H.S.
South Bakersfield H.S.
Stockdale H.S.
Upland H.S.
University H.S.
Valencia H.S.
Valhalla H.S.
Vista H.S.
Walnut H.S.
Warren H.S.
Westview H.S.
West Bakersfield H.S.
West Covina H.S.
West Torrance H.S.


Past School Clients (Other States):

Cloverleaf H.S. (OH)
Central Carroll H.S. (GA)
Grand Junction H.S. (CO)
Grand Rapids H.S. (MN)
Hewitt-Trussville H.S. (AL)
Hickory H.S. (VA)

Highland H.S. (AZ)
JSU Marching Southerners (AL)
Mayfield H.S. (NM)
Mesquite H.S. (AZ)
McIntosh H.S. (GA)

Oxford H.S. (AL)
Palisade H.S. (CO)
Pauling County H.S. (GA)
Paonia H.S. (CO)
Smoky Hill H.S. (CO)

Southwest H.S. (TX)
Temple H.S. (GA)
Toms River East H.S. (NJ)
Thunderbird H.S. (AZ)
Villa Rica H.S. (GA)

Past Drum and Bugle Corps Clients:

Capital Regiment


Velvet Knights 1989-1991
Bushwackers Senior

Anaheim Kingsmen
Kingsmen Alumni Corps

Omega Drill Designs
Omega Drill Designs

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