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Drill Design Packages


  • Prices range from a minimum of $2500 (80 or smaller) to $6000 per show.  This depends upon size and drill level design.
  • Special Pricing:  If you are in an emergency situation and you require drill written and delivered within one weeks time, an additional $500 would be added to you overall cost.

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Packages Include:

  • 5 choices of drill design difficult
  • All phone consultations with you and your staff, including a show planning meeting
  • Drill designed on Pyware 3D Interactive software
  • Cast Sheet for performer ID
  • Two sizes of printed charts in PDF format:  8.5X11 and 8.5X14 with fully detailed instructions
  • Dot books (Individual coordinate sheets) - two sizes to choose from
    • All drill and dot book files you receive via e-mail (
  • Animated drill design coordinated with music into MPEG or Quicktime formats
    • If you have a band web-site, you could post the Video file for students to download at home
  • Complete Show drill is guaranteed ON-TIME and all in your hands prior to band camp
  • All design and coordination concepts
  • 38 years of drill design experience with over 1600 shows written since 1977

Other Offered Services:

  • Show Coordination and musical arrangement enhancement
  • Contacts for Musical Arrangers from around the country
  • Available for weekend rehearsals

What I would need from a Director/Staff to get started:

  • Full scores and recordings:  If you have Finale, the scores from that format would work best
    • If not, then printed scores with CD quality recordings (MP3's would work just fine)
  • Instrumentation and guard breakdown; including strong to weak sections
  • Phone numbers of other staff members: Percussion and guard
  • Dimensions of props that maybe placed on the field
  • Pictures of your current uniforms and guard costumes - Animated drills will include your band uniform
  • List of contests that you plan to compete in
  • A video of your previous years performance
  • To schedule a meeting with director and staff (additional costs if you are out of California)

Submit Your Reservation for a Drill Design Package Now!

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